Last updated: 5th Jan 2016

1. These rules are developed by the MDG GT Council and are set for your maximum pleasure and also respecting and valuing other drivers.

2. These rules are subject to change and because there are constant updates for Gran Turismo, it is your responsibility to update yourself on the changes.

3. You are expected to compete fairly and honestly during all tournaments.

4. You are expected to sign up to events on the website - this informs the council and other competitors of your desire to compete. If you do not sign up, you can still enter but there is no guarantee that you'll be allowed in the race if the room is full.

5. You are expected to be online and joined the lounge by the start of the event - we will no longer wait for drivers. Races will be started automatically.

6. The only qualified MDG's members to run an official tournament is Rix316 or slickstone - if one of these two is not running the event - you may be in a false lounge.

7. All tournaments require a minimum of 4 drivers to be present. Any less and the tournament is postponed or cancelled.

8. D/C: If you are disconnected from the network during qualifying, it is up to you to get back online and into the lounge to request a restart - if you do not, the event carries on. For the sake of time, an event can only be restarted twice (in total not per individual).

9. D/C: If you are disconnected from the network during the race, your result will be DNF. There is no restart. The ONLY time a race will be restarted is if a driver is stuck on the start line (GT6 bug) and if this happens, then a formation lap is required to get drivers in the same order again.

10. Crashes/collisions: Contact and collisions must be avoided at all costs. The driver in front always has the right to choose his line. If you are behind a driver you must take all necessary care and responsibility not to run into the driver ahead. If he brakes early/changes his line, the responsibility to avoid a crash is on the driver behind.

11. Crashes/collisions: If you lose control of your car, you are expected to move your car off the track (or at least off the driving line) to avoid an accident if you can not do this - communicate ASAP so other drivers can avoid crashing into you.

12. Crashes/collisions: If there is contact between you and the driver ahead, you should immediately allow the driver to pass freely to re-establish their position. Be a gentleman, be fair.

13. Crashes/collisions: If you feel a driver has unfairly crashed into you/caused an accident - you are expected to continue racing and flag it up with the race director who will investigate AFTER the race and give out penalties where appropriate. Races will not be restarted because of a crash.

14. Overtaking: Overtake when it is safe and possible. Know the limits of your car. E.g. don't try and go full speed into the inside of a corner knowing you will hit the car in front as he turns in.

15. In the event of a draw at the end of the season drivers must go head to head in a 3 lap RACE OFF.

16. If you would like to retire from the race, please specify and leave the track safely. You will still receive points for attendance and are welcome to watch the rest of the race (in fact we encourage you to watch to learn tips from more experienced players). Player positions are respected in descending order of who leaves first.

17. If you are found guilty of any of these rules, the behaviour will be evaluated and penalty assessed by the MDG GT Council / race directors.

18. There are strictly NO hacked cars allowed in an MDG tournament. If you are found guilty of using a hacked car, you will receive an instant ban from the season and all your points/trophies removed.

In the event of a tie breaker - drivers have a "race off", drivers must use the car within that series on the last track of that series. 
If the tie is overall (or in a bonus series) then the last stock car is to be used on the last track of the overall season.
Winners of tie breaker events are awarded 1 extra MDG point.


1st - 20 racing points + 10 bonus points (Gold) = 30 points awarded
2nd - 19 racing points + 7 bonus points (Silver) = 26 points awarded
3rd - 18 racing points + 4 bonus points (Bronze) = 22 points awarded
4th - 16 racing points + 2 attendance points = 18 points awarded
5th - 15 racing points + 2 attendance points = 17 points awarded
6th -14 racing points + 2 attendance points = 16 points awarded
7th - 13 racing points + 2 attendance points = 15 points awarded
8th - 12 racing points + 2 attendance points = 14 points awarded
9th - 11 racing points + 2 attendance points = 13 points awarded
10th - 10 racing points + 2 attendance points = 12 points awarded
11th - 6 racing points + 2 attendance points = 8 points awarded
12th - 5 racing points + 2 attendance points = 7 points awarded
13th - 4 racing points + 2 attendance points = 6 points awarded
14th - 3 racing points + 2 attendance points = 5 points awarded
15th - 2 racing points + 2 attendance points = 4 points awarded
16th - 1 racing point + 0 points (Pink Pants) = 1 point awarded


MDG Penalties
1. MDG would prefer not to give penalties to drivers, so to avoid getting one: race clean, apologise for mistakes and give back position in EVERY instance where you have intentionally or unintentionally caused an incident.

2. Penalty appeals must be made to the race director within the season they occur. Please provide as much information as possible (video, photos, description, tournament #, lap number, etc)

3. If the race director is involved in penalty appeal, please make appeals to Rix316.

4. If a penalty is given they fall under the following categories and last a season:
- Level 1 penalty: Lose one position, -3 penalty point
- Level 2 penalty: Lose two positions, -6 penalty points
- Level 3 penalty: Lose three positions, -9 penalty points
- Disqualification: DQ from race (0 points), -12 penalty points

If driver accumulates -16 or more points on his "licence" within a season, the driver is disqualified from the season. If the council feels the driver is intentionally causing accidents, then they will vote on whether it best to remove the driver from MDG altogether.


All regulations are usually based on the defaults provided below unless otherwise stated by the individual event page. 

Default lounge settings

Room Mode: Practice Qualifier/Race (except bonus events)
Room Privacy: Club Only
Weather/Time: All defaults

Qualifier Settings
Race Format: Race Alone
Start Type: Final Corner Start
Time Limit: 5 mins

Hold Events Automatically: Disabled
Start Type: Grid Start
Grid Order: Fastest First
Boost: Off
Penalty: Weak
Tyre/Fuel Depletion: Normal
Grip Reduction: Real
Minimum No of Pit Stops: 0
Require Tyre Type Change: Off
Race Finish Delay: 180 seconds
Visible Damage: On
Mechanical Damage: Light
Slipstream Strength: Real

PP Limit: No Limit
Max Power Limit: No Limit
Minimum Weight: No Limit
Drivetrain: No Limit
Tyre Limit: No Limit
Nitrous: Prohibited
Vehicle Tuning: No Limit

Skid Recovery Force: Available
Active Steering: Available
ASM: Available
Driving Line: Available
Traction Control: Available
ABS: Available

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