Project Cars - MDG Rules & Regulations

Last updated: 4th August 2016

These rules are developed by the MDG Project Cars Council and are set for your maximum pleasure whilst also respecting other drivers. These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the council, it is your responsibility to update yourself on the changes by regurlarly visiting this section of the website.

Clean racing

Contact and collisions must be avoided at all costs. The driver in front always has the right to choose his line. If you are behind a driver you must take all necessary care and responsibility not to run into the driver ahead. If he brakes early/changes his line, the responsibility to avoid a crash is on the driver behind.

If you lose control of your car, you are expected to move your car off the track to avoid an accident if you can not do this - communicate ASAP so other drivers can avoid crashing into you.

If there is contact between you and the driver ahead, you should immediately allow the driver to pass freely to re-establish their position. Be fair.

If you feel a driver has unfairly crashed into you/caused an accident - you can raise the issue immediatley to let the driver know otherwise you are expected to continue racing and flag it up with the race director who will investigate AFTER the race and give out penalties where appropriate. Races will not be restarted because of a crash.

Driver Behaviour

Joining the lounge
Drivers are expected to join the lounge during the 10 min practice or within the 10 min qualifying sessions. Sessions will not restart if a driver is late. 


Although its ok to vent/rant and let of steam during MDG events, drivers are asked to reduce bad language to a miniumum.  Rascim, disrimination, cyber bullying will not be tolerated and drivers may be asked to leave or kicked from the room.

During the race

We understand that banter and jokes during MDG events is part of the fun - but we ask drivers to limit this to the practice and qualifying sessions only. During the race it is important to keep the microphones clear so that communication about on track issues/accidents can be heard by all drivers.

Points system

1st Place - 21pts (Gold)
2nd Place - 18pts (Silver)
3rd Place - 15pts (Bronze)

4th Place - 13pts
5th Place - 12pts
6th Place - 11pts
7th Place - 10pts
8th Place - 9pts
9th Place - 8pts
10th Place - 7pts
11th Place - 6pts
12th Place - 5pts
13th Place - 4pts
14th Place - 3pts
15th Place - 2pt
16th Place - 1pt


MDG would prefer not to give out penalties to drivers, so race clean, apologise for mistakes and give back position in EVERY instance where you have intentionally or unintentionally caused an incident. This will resolve the issue in most cases.

However, if we do have to Penalty appeals must be made to the race director within the season they occur. Please provide as much information as possible (video, photos, description, race #, lap number, etc)

If the race director is involved in a penalty appeal, please make appeals to another member of the MDG Project Cars Council.

Penalties fall under the following categories and last the duration of a season:

  • Level 1 penalty: Lose one position plus 3 penalty points on your record
  • Level 2 penalty: Lose two positions plus 6 penalty points on your record
  • Level 3 penalty: Lose three positions plus 9 penalty points on your record
  • Disqualification: DQ from race (0 points) plus 12 penalty points

If driver accumulates -24 or more points on his MDG licence" within a season, the driver is disqualified from the season.

If the council feels the driver is intentionally causing accidents, then they will decide on removing the driver from MadDogGamers.

Tie Breakers

In the event of a draw at the end of series, drivers must go head to head in a 3 lap RACE OFF. Drivers must use the car within that series on the last track of that series.

Winners of tie breaker events are awarded 1 bonus MDG point.

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